Commercial Movers in Pinellas County, Florida

As commercial movers in Pinellas County, Florida, Secure Movers is the industry leader in providing the most competitive prices, while offering the highest quality services. We strive to cater to all of our clients moving needs, including budget, safety, and efficiency. Secure Movers will ensure that your office move or warehouse arrangement best suits your unique requirements.

For 20+ years, Secure Movers has provided unwavering quality service to businesses of all sizes. From small, privately-owned business, to Fortune 500 companies, we are your #1 choice for Commercial Movers in Pinellas County, Florida.

Commercial Movers | Secure Movers | Pinellas County, Florida


When selecting s commercial mover, you must balance the potential disruption versus cost to find the best value for your business. Secure Movers is fast, efficient, and professional. Such as, allowing your business to move quickly and to avoid loss of business later. We help customers balance pride and productivity to ensure a move that is the best choice for your business.


Office moves is the most common type of commercial moving services. We have the trucks, men, and equipment to move your large office furniture and equipment, as well as ensure organization and structure.  Our archive services allows complete, secure archive moving management. Secure Movers commercial moving services helps make the most of moving your documents, data, inventory, and more. Through our time-saving equipment and innovative processes, Secure Movers' productivity and peace of mind is with you every step of the way.

Your Commercial Moving Service 

Secure Movers commercial moves begin and end with customer service. With any workplace or industry, we will work to have full comprehension of your expectations and needs. We will tailor our commercial moving services to meet your relocation schedule. Secure Movers employs the industry leading equipment - including speed pack boxes, that allow us to load and unload our moving truck faster!

Commercial Movers | Secure Movers | Pinellas County, Florida

Local Commercial Movers

Moving offices is a mission critical event. Secure Movers understands and we can help! Office relocations are our specialty! We guarantee your office move will be quick, efficient and cost effective, while minimizing downtime while maximizing productivity. Your employees will leave work at the close of business and arrive on the first business day. In addition, following the move with all their tools needed to continue with their normal assignments.

For instance, we work closely with each customer to develop and document the best plan that will allow us to do what we do best while allowing you to do what you do best – uninterrupted. In fact, we perform most office relocations after regular business hours and on weekends however we’ll work with your schedule even on holidays.

We are fully equipped with vehicles, specialized equipment and a professional, trained labor force. We’ve built a reputation on trust and honesty and we deliver on time, within budget and most importantly safely EVERYTIME.

State-Wide Commercial Movers

Our moving plans include a complete timeline for the entire packing and unpacking process. Each office is inventoried separately, boxes numbered and color coded to ensure all files, phones and computers are packed and delivered to the proper office.

  • To begin with, we have a 100% on-time and satisfaction record because of all the work we do prior to lifting a single box.
  • Secondly, we carefully estimate the amount of work required to do the job right.
  • Thirdly, we carefully document your client files to ensure proper packing, delivery and unpacking.
  • All computers are properly disconnected and reconnected.
  • Valuable and sensitive office equipment is properly packed.