Moving Tips in Pinellas County, FL

Here are some tips on how to select a moving company. Make sure the movers you choose have the following:

  • They Provide Recent References
  • They Are Licensed
  • They Have Full Replacement Value Insurance
  • They Use Their Own Full-Time Employees
  • They Have a “Satisfactory” Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • They Own Their Own Trucks

Be careful when shopping for a moving company; do your homework.
Secure Movers Team

6 Moving Expenses You May Not Have Considered

Before you get a quote from a moving company for your upcoming move, one highly rated Moving Company, Secure Movers shares Six expenses you may not have considered.

When people realize they have to move, they normally begin by going online to get a few moving quotes. Most companies will offer you a free quote, so it’s great to take advantage of this tool. However, you should keep in mind that these quotes will only give you an approximation of your total moving cost. Make sure you check to see if they charge by the hour or offer flat rates.

In order to get a better idea about how much your move will cost, you should always speak with a representative from the moving company you want to hire. Factors like those mentioned below are normally not included in quoting costs unless you directly specify with a customer service rep.

Movers carrying a shelf up a flight of stairs.

  1. Extra Weight
    Many businesses base their quote on the shipment’s weight, which means the accuracy relies on your best guess of what the weight is. If the movers pick up your items and they appear to weigh much more, they’ll issue a re-weigh. In most cases, this makes your price go up depending on how much lower your estimate is than the real deal.
  2. Stairs
    Be honest with your moving company and tell them about any stairs. If you don’t bother to mention that you live on the 5th floor with no elevator, they could charge you as much as $50 to $75 per flight of stairs. Stairs often require more movers and longer hours; therefore it’s not considered a “hidden fee” and is something you should ask about.
  3. Not Tractor-Trailer Accessible
    If you have a long driveway or your home sits on a main road with no place for a tractor-trailer to park, you’ll need to let the movers know. The driver having to work around your location could result in another charge. Ask your mover how they handle these situations. Some may use a shuttle to bring items in and out instead.
  4. Specific Time Frame
    If you need your items delivered within a specific window (i.e., one smaller than 4 hours), you can expect an extra fee. Again, you’re advised to ask about the cost for that request before the work is done to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  5. Box/Crate FeesProfessional help with relocation.
    When the drivers arrive, ensure you’ve followed the company’s directions. If an item that was supposed to be boxed and crated, the movers will do it and charge you for it. Crating or professional packing can cost a few hundred dollars extra. To avoid this expense, have your items packed and ready to go before the movers arrive.Some businesses try to add hidden fees to your bill. Knowing what factors can add to your cost is an excellent way to protect yourself. Asking questions about potential extra charges lets you know exactly what you’re getting yourself--and your bank account--into.
  6. Watch Out for Hidden Moving Fees
    This is a post from a customer who used a local moving company:

    “I used a company that charged me $6 for every roll of tape that they used. So they would drape my furniture in a padded moving tarp and then tape around the tarp to keep it on. Most reputable movers use bungees. These guys would use 2 or 3 rolls of tape on each piece of furniture. And any time they didn’t finish a roll, they’d throw it on the ground and get a new roll for the next piece of furniture. At the end of the day, they had gone through over 25 rolls of tape. When we went back to our old place to clean up, we found about 10, barely used rolls of tape. They also charged us for stairs when they said they wouldn’t. They also charged us for gas and tolls to come to, and go home from, our place (which they didn’t include in their quote). While moving, they asked if I wanted them to pack up this tiny mirror for my vanity table (it’s maybe 18″x12″). I thought they meant cover it in padding, so I said yes. They ended up using the biggest box they had to pack this tiny mirror that I could have put in my purse. The box was easily 4’x5’x3″ and it ended up costing me $200 (plus however many additional rolls of tape). And all they did was throw it into the box. They didn’t put packing peanuts or cover it in padding. It could have just as easily broken inside the stupid box. Definitely ask ahead of time for a copy of their standard contract so you can go over it, because I had asked these people for all their fees before I booked them and it still didn’t save me. Our final price ended up being over twice our quote even though it took the movers half the time expected to move us. And don’t let your movers pack anything!”

Money Tips

Save Money & Time On Your Move With These Professional Moving Tips From Secure Movers:

Packed household stuff for moving into new house.

  1. Disassemble beds.
  2. Remove the mirrors from dressers.
  3. Do your own packing.
  4. Disconnect appliances.
  5. Unplug lamps and remove shades.
  6. Take down flat-screen TVs, pictures, fans, hanging lamps, etc.
  7. Move the small odds and ends yourself.
  8. Have a general idea for the floor plan at the new location.
  9. Be certain we have the gate codes and that all moving restrictions are coordinated prior to the day of your move.
  10. Be certain there is adequate truck parking at both pick up and drop off locations.
  11. Make sure there is a pathway for our movers to walkthrough inside your home, office, apartment, etc.

Secure Movers customers over the past 25 years have saved tens of thousands of dollars by following this list. We hope it will do the same for you.

Our Moving Guide. Moving checklist, tips to prepare for your move, how to choose the right mover.

All the above functions or tips can be professionally performed by our professional Movers and packers; however, any of these tips you can do will result in saved time and money.

Ask about any of the moving tips listed here by contacting our office. After all of our years of moving, we have the process down to a science.

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